15 Considerations when choosing a Marketing Agency


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To ensure you achieve your business’s goals, you need the right approach to marketing.

Going it alone can be tough; especially when you’re busy running your business.

Turning to a marketing agency is often the best step to take when you want to reach your goals.

When you choose the right agency, they can give you the boost you really need to get things done.

But what can a marketing agency actually do for you? And do you really need one?

A marketing agency gives you the tools you need to attract new customers, acquire, and convert leads, and then retain your existing customers.

Some of the marketing channels a marketing agency may use are:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation
  • PPC (pay-per-click advertising)
  • Paid social media (SMM or social media marketing)
  • Organic social media

Do you need a Marketing Agency?

Working with a marketing agency gives you the support you require to grow your business.

You might have some knowledge of marketing and what you want to do to promote your brand, but a marketing agency can help you do so much more.

Be clear on your needs

Before you start looking for the right marketing agency to work with, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Defining your needs will make it a lot easier to get the best agency for your needs the first time.

Start by establishing your goals.

What do you want to achieve by working with a marketing agency?

This might include marketing goals like increasing the traffic on your website or growing brand recognition.

Or it could be broader goals like increasing your sales numbers or finding better talent to work with you.

Next, consider what services you will need to meet these goals.

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency, or an agency that might be able to offer offline services too?

Some of the digital marketing services you need could include SEO, content marketing, website design and web development, graphic design, PPC ad management, and social media management.

Setting your budget is also crucial.

You need to know what you can afford, and what your budget can get you.

Consider your budget for hiring an agency and for any media spending that you might need to take into account as typically, ad budgets are not included in the agency fees.

When you’re ready to start getting in touch with marketing agencies, start by reaching out and requesting a meeting.

To speak to a member of our team get in touch today.

From this initial session, the agency will be able to put together a proposal for you, based on your needs. This will give you a clear idea of what a marketing agency can do for you.

How to choose a Marketing Agency

1. Where are they located?

Is it important to you that your marketing agency is nearby?

Many agencies work entirely online/remotely, but some people prefer to know that their agency is nearby.

If you’re looking for an integrated agency in Leigh-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, or elsewhere in Essex, get in touch to find out how we can help.

2. How was their proposal?

This is a major indication of whether an agency will work for you.

How have they outlined what they can do for you, and how does it align with your goals?

3. Did they seek to understand your wider business and commercial challenges?

Is the agency thorough in its approach?

They should understand your business and industry in order to provide a comprehensive service.

An agency that understands the challenges you face is better placed to help you meet your goals.

4. Is research a part of their approach?

Similar to the above question, is the marketing agency researching the competitive landscape and taking the time to understand different stakeholders?

What do they do to familiarise themselves with their clients and their needs?

5. What experience or expertise do they have?

It may be beneficial if the agency has relevant experience and expertise in your field.

Perhaps they have worked in your industry before or specialise in the marketing channels that you want to focus on.

6. What results have they achieved?

You don’t want to hire a marketing agency without knowing they can get you results.

Take a look at case studies, testimonies, reviews, and other types of social proof. Request to speak to an existing or past client to help you learn more about the agency.

7. What does their team look like?

Find out about their staff and the structure of their company.

Do they have in-house staff?

How many people work there?

Can they handle the amount of support you are likely to need?

8. How do they communicate?

What methods do they use, and how often will they be in touch?

Do they offer daily updates or periodic reviews?

As you’ll be investing in your marketing, you’ll want to know about the conversions your business is receiving and where they come from so you can determine whether or not your receiving a return on your investment.

9. Do they avoid buzzwords?

Plain language and straight-talking can be essential for understanding the project.

Clear jargon-free communication ensures everyone’s on the same page.

10. How are they planning to measure success?

What metrics will they use to determine the success of your marketing campaigns?

What tools do they use to do this?

Will they need your feedback on the conversion rate of leads generated?

11. Do they work collaboratively?

How closely will they work with you to achieve your goals?

If you enjoy a hands-on approach to your business then this will be a key question to ask, you want to ensure the agency has the same working approach as you, to ensure your input will be listened to.

Brain storming exercise with large sheets of paper

12. Will they tailor their approach?

No two businesses are the same so, any good marketing agency will tailor their approach to each individual client’s needs.

What will the agency do to create a unique strategy that will work for your business and brand?

Are they flexible on changing the plan based on the results gained?

13. How is your chemistry and cultural fit?

Consider your gut feeling while communicating, but also take an objective approach at the same time. You can look at their brand values and mission to see if they align with your own brand.

Interested in finding out more about our team? Take a look at our  team values

14. How is their own marketing?

If a marketing agency can’t market itself, it probably won’t be able to help you either.

Spend some time looking at their website and exploring their brand awareness and recognition.

Have other people heard of them?

Can you find them using search engines?

15. Who will own intellectual property?

It’s important to determine who will be the owner of any content or other intellectual property produced by the agency.

Will things like graphics, written content, videos, etc., belong to your business?

This is key to define before you begin a partnership, things could get messy in the future If you found the need to move away from the agency

Your next steps

Choosing a marketing agency may feel like a daunting task, but with a little research, you’ll be able to find a partner that will take your business to the next level.

Utilising the tips in this article will help simplify the process for you and help to eliminate agencies that aren’t right the fit for you or your business.  

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