Exclusive brand and website design for independent dress and costume maker

The Client

Amédine Bello


Arts & Performance

The Brief

When dress and costume maker Amédine Bello decided to venture out and establish her own business after years of honing her craft in-house for well-known theatres, she chose Swan Creative to give her brand the spotlight it deserves. Our journey with Amédine is a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful branding and strategic web design.

What we did

Logo Design

Branded Stationery

Brand Guidelines

Website Strategy

Website Design

Website Development

SEO Optimisation

The Project

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Design & Development

Logo Design, Essex

Our collaboration began with a deep understanding of Amédine’s vision for her brand. She sought a visual identity that echoed the artistry and precision of her work. The initial consultation was a deep dive into her expectations and preferences. She met with our team of designers to discuss potential logo styles, typography, and colour palettes that would encapsulate her brand’s ethos.


The creative process was dynamic and collaborative. Amédine wanted to weave elements of her craft into the branding itself, a request that led our team to explore various creative avenues. The result was a selection of concepts from which the final choice emerged: a logo that elegantly integrated a sewing needle and thread, with the thread artfully forming the letter ‘B’ looped around the arm of the ‘A’. It was a fitting homage to her craft. For the colour scheme, Amédine favoured a timeless palette, settling on shades that ranged between bronze and graphite, embodying the classic, enduring nature of her work.

With the logo finalised, we proceeded to develop a comprehensive business suite. This included a business card and invoice letterhead that incorporated the needle and thread motif, ensuring that even her stationery reflected the bespoke nature of her service.

Brand Guidelines, Essex

To ensure a unified brand presence, we developed comprehensive guidelines detailing Amédine’s mission, vision, core values, and a distinctive tone of voice. These guidelines meticulously specified the colour palette and typography, establishing a consistent visual and communicative language for the brand across all platforms and materials.

Website Design & Development, Essex

Understanding Amédine’s industry and target audience was crucial to the next phase: website design. Our due diligence informed the creation of a sitemap and wireframe tailored to her extensive experience in costume making, dressmaking, and alterations. Our aim was to create a site that not only informed but also showcased the breadth of Amédine’s talent.

In line with this, we developed her website using WordPress, ensuring it was fully responsive across desktop and mobile devices. This adaptability meant that Amédine’s portfolio could be accessed in its best form, regardless of how potential clients found her. The transformation of Amédine’s website into an interactive platform highlighted her services with a tri-sectional header and engaging hover effects that brought each service’s imagery to the fore. A comprehensive gallery displayed her work prominently, while client testimonials added social proof and credibility. Detailed service pages featured clear, SEO-optimised copy, which was complemented by vivid images of her creations to engage visitors and reflect Amédine’s professional voice.

In the final stage before launch, we conducted a thorough SEO optimisation to bolster the site’s visibility upon its debut. This included fine-tuning alt tags, meta descriptions, and other crucial on-site SEO elements, ensuring that Amédine’s website was positioned for maximum visibility from the start.

The Result

The result was a cohesive brand identity and a digital presence that mirrored Amédine’s expertise and artistic flair. Amédine’s new brand was met with enthusiasm and recognition, leading to a significant increase in inquiries and work.

From the first meeting to the end of the project, the team was incredibly friendly, dedicated and guided me throughout every steps of the process. The accuracy with which the team shaped my brand was astonishing, with novelty in its concept and compare to similar businesses, and with brilliant ideas and suggestions. The team truly worked above and beyond to understand and elevate it to a whole new level exceeding my expectations, with an exceptional eye for detail. Having chosen Swan Creative for this journey is the best move I have ever done for my business.

Amédine Bello

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