Rebrand for UK's Top Collagen supplement for international markets

Reverse Life

A rebrand to elevate and position Reverse Life for new international target markets

Supplement brand Reverse Life came to Swan Creative to elevate their brand and positioning of their collagen product in the health and lifestyle market.

Our design experts created a lifestyle brand that successfully entered the US and Far East markets and secured placements on a national shopping channel.

We approached the team at Swan Creative when looking to refresh our brand and launch our product into new international markets. We were really impressed by the amount of time and effort put into understanding our brand’s needs. We were thrilled by the end results!  We would highly recommend working with Swan Creative. 

Andrew Ward  International Sales Manager at Reverse Life 

What we did

The original branding of the Reverse Life collagen drink was product lead and focused on utilising celebrity endorsements. However, as the brand was looking to expand into more diverse markets, it needed to be more relatable to the target audience.

The first thing we did was conduct key market research into the new target markets and the current products in the competitive space.

Utilizing the insights found, we worked closely with the client to create promotional sales and marketing collateral that focused on promoting the benefits of the product.

Our team of talented copywriters utilised known target audience pain points to create informative and engaging benefit led copy, whilst our team of creatives produced strong lifestyle imagery highlighting the products results

Project services

As a branding agency our experts used an integrated creative approach that utilised the following services:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Workshop

The results

Our benefit lead approach saw the successful launch of the Reverse Life collagen drink in both the US and Far East markets and has gone onto secure prime time, placement on several well known shopping channels.

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Logo design, in Essex created for Collagen brand Reverse Life by creative agency, Swan Creative

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