A website refresh to align a local charity's brand with national guidelines whilst increasing user accessibility and self-sufficiency in content management.

The Client

Thurrock & Brentwood Mind



The Brief

Thurrock and Brentwood Mind came to web design agency, Swan Creative for help after they recognised the need to revitalise their online presence to align with the Mind national brand guidelines whilst infusing their unique personality and enhancing user accessibility.

What we did

Website Strategy

Website Design

Website Development

Website Optimisation

The Project

  • Web Design
  • Web Build
  • Website Optimisation

Responsive Web Design for Mental Health Charity

The design phase of the project placed a significant emphasis on integrating the Mind national brand guidelines seamlessly with Thurrock and Brentwood Mind’s unique identity. The chosen colour palette and the incorporation of distinctive design elements such as squiggles and branded illustrations were pivotal in adding personality and warmth to the site. This approach was not just about adhering to a brand guidelines; it was about breathing life into the website, making it a welcoming, engaging space for visitors. The commitment to responsive design was also a critical aspect of our approach.

Recognising the diverse ways users access information today, the design ensured an optimal viewing experience across all devices, from desktops to smartphones. This responsiveness is especially crucial for a charity like Thurrock and Brentwood Mind, whose audience may seek support and information through various means.

Website Development for Mental Health Charity

On the development front, the choice to build the website on the WordPress platform was strategic. It provided Thurrock and Brentwood Mind with a robust, flexible content management system that empowers them to keep their site dynamic and current. This capability is essential for a charity that deals with mental health, as information, events, and resources need to be updated regularly to reflect the latest developments and support services. The WordPress CMS was customised to ensure ease of use, allowing the client to update content without needing technical expertise.

Our development efforts also focused on creating a user-centric experience. This meant improving site navigation, ensuring that calls-to-action were clear and effective, and simplifying content to make it easily accessible and understandable. The ultimate goal was to ensure that anyone looking for support or information could find what they needed effortlessly and without added stress.

Website Optimisation for Mental Health Charity Website

To ensure the best possible launch and ongoing visibility, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy during the development phase. This included on page optimisation aswell as enhancing the website’s technical performance to meet search engine guidelines. This optimisation ensures that Thurrock and Brentwood Mind’s website not only reaches its target audience more effectively but also maintains a strong online presence.


The result was a vibrant, engaging, and accessible website that fully embodies the spirit of Thurrock and Brentwood Mind. The flexible CMS has empowered the client to keep the site up-to-date, reflecting the dynamic nature of their work. Most importantly, the website has improved accessibility for individuals seeking mental health support, aligning with Thurrock and Brentwood Mind’s mission to offer help and information to those in need.

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